I am an auntie!

Beckett Hideo Miller
7/12/2011, 3:37pm, 7 lbs 9 ozs

i am so in love!
images by richard miller



of lemonade vodka slushies, ocean views, and soft hammocks


i heart over-sized balloons

we chose to have white ones at our wedding
we thought they added a little magic to the day


exquisite styling

this look is perfect for the rehearsal dinner
i can't stop drooling..those Valentino shoes are beyond gorgeous

image via net-a-porter
dress here; shoes here; clutch here


i have always loved these shoes

somehow the matchy matchy style of this bridal party works


carefree couple

this couple served watermelon and BBQ
how fun is that? 

and i am midly obsessed with their bar sign  
pale purple details

love the unfussy feel of this wedding
imperfect is the new perfect 

golden pup

nyc is full of sweet low-riding wiener dogs
the huz and i just adore them

image by rue via erin ever after


flamingos and zebra stripes

this adorable breakfast nook reminds me of my mother and sister in-law